Fancy a series binge?

There is nothing I love more than being so engrossed with a series that you feel like the characters are real people and when it finishes you don’t know what you used to do in your spare time. Here are my all time favourite series’. Breaking Bad I admit, a bit slow to get in... Continue Reading →


I’m sure you already follow your favourite celebs on Instagram and scroll in ore of their lifestyle- but here are a few of my MUST-FOLLOWS you might not have thought of. These people are not my favourite singers or actresses- but the people I feel bring something special and unique to my Instagram as I... Continue Reading →


I could list hundreds of songs that I currently love (and have on repeat at any possible opportunity) but for this playlist I have narrowed my chaotic, mind-jumble of a ‘music taste’ to create a list of songs that make me smile. Some of these songs contain  powerful lyrics that leave us all with goose-bumps,... Continue Reading →

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