Fancy a series binge?

There is nothing I love more than being so engrossed with a series that you feel like the characters are real people and when it finishes you don’t know what you used to do in your spare time. Here are my all time favourite series’.

Breaking Bad

breaking badI admit, a bit slow to get in to, but after the first few episodes I was completely and utterly hooked! I couldn’t wait to see what trouble Walter White and Jesse Pinkman got into next. I think this is one of the series’ that EVERYONE will like. It’s hilarious, so cleverly produced, the writing is incredible and the characters are amazing. Don’t believe me? My Mam had Jesse as her screen saver at one point (nobody can resist his bad-boy demeanour) and my Dad had his on-screen answer machine ‘What up BITCH- leave at the tone’ as his text alert. It’s agreed- we could all watch this over and over. Talk about obsessed.

True Blood

True-Blood-Season-3-Cast-Photo.jpgVampires, fairies, shape-shifters, addicts, gore, love and sex. It is completely addictive! The storylines are constantly changing- making all 7 seasons equally binge-worthy. Favourite character? Lafayette Reynolds (played by Nelsan Ellis who sadly passed away in April). If your unsure of whether to start this series, simply watch some videos of Lafayette on youtube, bask in his sass and then grab the remote.

Gossip Girl

gossip girl

This series is definitely my guilty pleasure. Not my usual go-to series but god, I loved this. I probably beat the record of how quickly one person can watch all of the series of Gossip Girl- and there is a lot! As I was watching I was completely in ore of the glamorous lifestyles of Blair and Serena and I still refuse to believe that these aren’t actually real people. Yes, everyone seems to get with everyone in this show and yes, you will spend the majority of the time shouting at Chuck and Blair to ‘get over it’ and just get together- but this chick-flick series is a good one for the girls. Who doesn’t love a bit of glamour and romance?

Orange is the New Black


Based in a minimum-security women’s prison this Netflix Original series is one of the best. I have finished all that are available to watch in the UK currently and it is explosive. With so many different characters and so many controversial topics the writers and producers deserve all of the recognition they are getting. It’s made me laugh and cry- both of which are equally difficult for me from simply watching a TV show.

American Horror Story


All of the seasons of AHS are completely different- although the majority include the same actors playing different characters (showing just how talented they actually are). If you don’t fancy watching all of the seasons I truly recommend Murder House and Asylum- but not when you are home alone at night.

My Mad Fat Diary

mad fat diary

This is my most recent obsession. This mini-series touches serious issues of mental health, self-harm, body image and self-esteem as well as, at times, being light-hearted and hilarious. The writers have a unique ability to balance controversial topics with humour perfectly and have made the characters real and easy to relate to. I love this and think everyone should watch it. You will learn a lot, personally develop and have the time of your life in the process. Oh, and this one has a lot of sex-talk too.

The current watch is the Walking Dead- but we are only on Series 2 (so no spoilers!). What other series’ would you recommend?

Rose Allure xx


5 thoughts on “Fancy a series binge?

  1. Gossip Girl was one of the easiest series to binge! I finished it way too fast. I would suggest 13 Reasons Why or Making a Murderer. Both are series that I binge watched. Next on my list is Stranger Things. But, after reading your post, I may have to try out My Mad Fat Diary. Great post! 🙂

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