Saturday night plans- for if you’re not already in the nearest walkabout, drinking rosé and trying to get as drunk as possible before leaving the house or hell, maybe even in a classy cocktail bar with prices leading you to expect you will be waited on by a Calvin Klein model and drinking from glasses lined with Swarovski diamonds. Some of us just want to relax from time to time and are not foul-proof party animals- I’m not alone am I? After all, we have worked hard all week and deserve some ME-TIME (and no, that definitely does not involve scrolling through social media).

Here is a quick and simple list of my essentials that have mastered the near-impossible art of making me relax 100% (ok, maybe 95%).

Avon Bubble Gum Bubble Bath

This bottle of heaven is my absolute favourite bubble bath of all time. The scent is that of the 80’s sweets ‘Anglo Bubbly’- but manages to last a lot longer than the flavour of that particular retro candy. For a bottle of 500ml I paid only £2 on sale (usually £4). Even Pippa (my gorgeous little pygmy hedgehog and side kick if you don’t already know) thinks it tastes delicious- at least that’s what I assume from her biting me whenever I get out of the bath and have used this! Available here.

Soap and Glory Loofah

Who actually uses a sponge now-a-days? Not only does this loofah not make me cringe because of the texture on my creased fingertips after being in a luke-warm bath for too long and dreading facing the Arctic environment above the water, but when it is wet it lathers up quickly. It isn’t too rough on the skin but helps to exfoliate as well as cleanse. Simple yet effective. Available here.

Epoch Marine Mud Mask

The power of this product is unbelievable. It is from the Epoch range of Nu Skin which means that the ingredients are 100% natural. The bottle contains 200g of product which has 30+ uses- making it cheaper than buying 30 of the usual 99p masks off the high-street that we all remember from year 8 sleep overs. It is so strangely satisfying to see it work- visibly drawing out dirt and impurities and creating dark patches where it replaces excess oil with skin beneficial minerals. I use it 2-3 times per week and also apply a tiny amount on individual spots if am experiencing a mammoth breakout. Don’t believe me how good it is? Search how many celebrities have used it! I have seen photographs of towie stars, Michael Buble, Michelle Keegan and even Zac Efron. Need I go on? Purchase from me via my Facebook customer group or contact me directly.

Epoch Polishing Bar

Again, this is another fabulous Epoch collection product. I use this to remove my Marine Mud Mask as it literally melts it off (just as it does with make-up and stubborn fake tan stains). It’s so multi-functional, everyone has a use for it. I even find my boyfriend stealing it from time-to-time (sorry Ben). It is made from the ingredients of the Marine Mud Mask as well as ground bark to aid exfoliation. This cleansing bar is completely soap-free, and kind to the eyes, and has completely transformed my skin. It polishes and has vastly improved my tone and texture- as well as stopping a nasty shaving rash (girls- you feel me?). For only £15 this has been used multiple times a day for MONTHS and it is still going strong. For someone on a low budget and needing a product with many uses- this is it. (P.S- forget baby shampoo and other difficult methods of cleaning make-up brushes- give them a quick wash with this and they will look as good as new!). Purchase from me here or contact me directly.

Yankee Candle Home Essentials Wax

I haven’t experienced the scent sensation of many of these waxes but god am I obsessed with these ambrosial cherry vanilla wax melts. They melt quickly and last such a long time. I am yet to discover that the wax melt has stopped giving off the initial scent and make the entire house smell lovely. I purchased these melts and the burner in a pack from ASDA for only £10- I’m a sucker for a bargain! I got a set of tea lights (x30) from IKEA too to melt the waxes for only £1.35. Perfect gift and a perfect aroma for a relaxing pamper.

All of these products, a good read and your favourite CD will create the perfect relaxing ambiance. Enjoy!

Rose Allure xxbath time essentials



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