I could list hundreds of songs that I currently love (and have on repeat at any possible opportunity) but for this playlist I have narrowed my chaotic, mind-jumble of a ‘music taste’ to create a list of songs that make me smile. Some of these songs contain  powerful lyrics that leave us all with goose-bumps, some implicitly conquer controversial topics (that I’m surprised haven’t created world peace with their hard-hitting one-liners) and some are just plain catchy. So, what are we waiting for?

10. I wish I was a Punk Rocker- Sandi Thom

This used to be my jam on Singstar for Playstation 2. I don’t know much about this song, apart from that I love it. I read that her inspiration for this song was when her mobile phone was stolen and she realised how much easier life was when we weren’t as reliant on technology. Sandi, I love your free-spirited, karaoke hits- but us millennials will never give up our smart phones.

9. Barcelona- Ed Sheeran

My friend Laura suggested this- so I had a listen. Not going to lie- I do like it- but it was (past tense) always one of the songs I would tend to skip in the car when listening to ‘Divide’. I clearly did not give it enough time. It is such a summer anthem & I’m sure all hotels in Barcelona will be fully booked & sales of Sangria will have tripled. I actually do pretend I’m dancing in the street in Barcelona- but really I am shimmying in my mirror whilst rushing my makeup because I pressed ‘snooze’ one too many times.

8. We like to party- Vengaboys

OK- so this one is my guilty pleasure. We all have one- dancing queen, barbie girl, Justin Bieber? Mine is definitely ‘we like to party’ by the Vengaboys. Sorry not sorry. It’s just so much fun and anyone who says they don’t like it are just jealous that they aren’t on the Vengabus going to New York and San Fransisco.

7. We will rock you- Queen

If you don’t ‘stomp-stomp-clap’ to this song whenever it plays you are officially BORING. Despite being released in 1977, it is still such a well-known tune that is guaranteed to get everyone singing. Being one of the most famous Queen songs of all time, I remember it being played at all of my school discos (even though my parents hadn’t even met when this was released). That’s got to show that there is no doubt that this song has, and will continue to, go down in history.

6. Born this way- Lady Gaga

I always see so much controversy about this song. The song is quite clearly about being yourself. That it doesn’t matter if you are black, white, straight, gay, male, female- you are beautiful as long as you are being true to yourself. Although I can’t find any evidence for this- I believe that she is referring to god when singing ‘capital H-I-M’. Being open about being homosexual, transsexual, bisexual or transgender is often seen as a ‘sin’- but I think Gaga is trying to say that god will love each individual no matter who you are, as long as you have a strong and positive moral compass. I myself would not consider myself as actively religious, but this song does spread an enormous message. The bible and other religious material should be interpreted to modern society in order to accept everyone. It would be rather nice to think that this is what she is implying. I’ll stick to that.

5. All you need is love- the Beatles

Spending the majority of my university time in and around Liverpool I can’t not mention The Beatles! So many songs could have been included on this list but I have went for this one- a song about love and peace. The name is actually inspired by a popular saying during the 60’s anti-war movement- “all you need is love”. My all time favourite song by John Lennon is  ‘Imagine’- but this has a tendency to bring me to tears when I think about the meaning rather than make me smile. Let’s stick to the happy stuff.  

4. Beautiful Day- U2

This song is what I imagine would be playing as my life soundtrack during a scene of summer adventures. Imagine driving down a winding country road in the Lake District with sunglasses on, the sun glistening on the water and that one person next to you that can provide that unusual feeling in your stomach of true happiness (or is that feeling I get just my other halves driving?).  

3. Rockstar- Nickelback

If misinterpreted some of the messages in this song could go against everything I write about. “We’ll all stay skinny because we just won’t eat” and “Everybody’s got a drug dealer on speed dial”. Let’s be honest- the majority of us understand that this is just lyrical humour and by no means are the members of this successful Canadian band condoning this behaviour. I read that this is actually a parody of celebrity lifestyle- which makes it even more hilarious. It’s laid-back, fun and the music video is one of the best.

2. Hooked on a feeling- Blue Swede

Not going to lie, I don’t think I know any other songs by Blue Swede- but if they sound anything like this one I need to get the album. This song was originally released in 1974, then sales and downloads went up by 700% after the release of the film ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. I’m not surprised. This is my shower favourite.

1. What do I know?- Ed Sheeran

This song is by far my favourite from Ed’s new album ‘Divide’. In an interview he explained that he wrote the song due to looking at the world and thinking ‘we aren’t doing too well, are we?’. I absolutely love the lyrics “Just remember life is more than fitting in your jeans, it’s love and understanding positivity”. A light-hearted reminder that there really are more important things in life. This up-beat tune is definitely one to blast in your car on your next journey!

So, when you have the time to make a new spotify playlist- list these songs &  be prepared to smile, strut and exercise those vocal chords.

Rose Allure xx

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