Studying Mental Health Nursing I have heard a lot about the importance of ‘sleep hygiene’ and how a good nights sleep can create such a positive difference to your day. Although ‘sleep hygiene’ sounds really clinical and boring- it’s basically how to get the most from your sleep and achieve ultimate alertness throughout the day.... Continue Reading →


Chloe from Chloe Plus Coffee nominated me for the ‘Blogger Recognition Award! I am so grateful. Thank you. ‘Rose Allure’ initially started as my own brand for network marketing. I loved social networking and working with a team of inspirational, and extremely successful, networking professionals. I continue to network market and promote health and beauty products... Continue Reading →

Fancy a series binge?

There is nothing I love more than being so engrossed with a series that you feel like the characters are real people and when it finishes you don’t know what you used to do in your spare time. Here are my all time favourite series’. Breaking Bad I admit, a bit slow to get in... Continue Reading →


I’m sure you already follow your favourite celebs on Instagram and scroll in ore of their lifestyle- but here are a few of my MUST-FOLLOWS you might not have thought of. These people are not my favourite singers or actresses- but the people I feel bring something special and unique to my Instagram as I... Continue Reading →


Body confidence is a major component of self-esteem. It involves the way you consider your aesthetics and the physical aspects of ‘you’. It’s no surprise with the constant lifestyle and beauty expectations that the majority of young women would change something about their body or appearance if they had the opportunity- myself included. Don’t get... Continue Reading →


The dreaded words- ‘MENTAL HEALTH’. It’s simple, you either understand or you don’t. I think many would be surprised at the daily struggles that many of us actually go through- obviously, to different extents. People usually describe this term with a long-list of illnesses that sound big and scary if you haven’t experienced or witnessed... Continue Reading →


Saturday night plans- for if you’re not already in the nearest walkabout, drinking rosé and trying to get as drunk as possible before leaving the house or hell, maybe even in a classy cocktail bar with prices leading you to expect you will be waited on by a Calvin Klein model and drinking from glasses... Continue Reading →


I could list hundreds of songs that I currently love (and have on repeat at any possible opportunity) but for this playlist I have narrowed my chaotic, mind-jumble of a ‘music taste’ to create a list of songs that make me smile. Some of these songs contain  powerful lyrics that leave us all with goose-bumps,... Continue Reading →


This was always one of the questions I was given at school. “Who is your role model?” or “Tell me about someone who you look up to”. Back then, it pains me to admit I looked purely at the materialistic things. For a short while I thought happiness came part and parcel with money or... Continue Reading →

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